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is a name that holds much value with the North American garage entry accessibility consumer. The history of this company is loaded with times as well as products that highlight its dedication to being an innovator in this congested field. Garage doors that are always reliable, of top quality assembly, and also feature best in class client service are just some of the reasons that numerous home owners choose Genie.

Starting in the year 1954, the Alliance Manufacturing Company produced its first ever garage door opener system. This garage door opener, called Genie, would be simply the beginning of a totally new business moving forward. The Genie was the very first mass produced residential garage door opener product brought to the market with a radio controlled user interface. The Genie wasn’t just the very first of its kind, it was a real market leader for several years, compelling others to adapt. That very same forward thinking is still noticeable in the company’s products today.

Genie 4024 Garage Door Opener

model 4024 sedona azIt is tough to out perform the Genie 4024 garage door opener. It is the ultimate in mass appeal. You could get one these highly prominent garage door opener systems in either chain or belt drive configuration. The model 4024 is a smart design for busy people. When you require power, comfort, and fast performance, you get the Genie 4024. Unit has a activity security sensor and also two light emitting diode light bulbs. Set up right here in the USA!

Your Sedona Genie Garage Door Opener Dealership

Let Garage Doors Sedona AZ look after all your Genie item needs. From acquiring garage door openers and also devices at fantastic rates, to repairs for your existing Genie garage door opener device, we have got you covered. We are a licensed Genie dealer trained to service all models of Genie automated openers. We also repair out of production products!

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